Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Search for Health, Beauty and Fashion Information Just Got Easier

Tired of searching for health, beauty or fashion information and products and getting thousands of results to wade through? just launched their new Google custom search engine at which features user-edited search results for health, beauty and fashion queries. Only user-edited sites and pages are included, which limits results to only the best of what's available on the web. A handy gadget is also provided on the site for users to add to their Google homepage or website. A blog, user reviews, a site for friends to meet and a ratings contest site.

Making the Search for Beauty, Fashion and Health Easier

The birth of a new Google custom seach engine is here! Found at, the Best Beauty Search engine provides user edited results for search of health, beauty and fashion topics and products. The site also offers a convenient gadget for addition to your webpage or google home page, reviews, contests, friends and blog.

Now I'm trying to spread the word! Any ideas?

I tried placing posts in some popular forums but got excomunicated rather quick